The challenge

This week I acquired a brand new car. It is a BMW 1 Series 116d Sport. It is a company car and so I don’t feel the same allegiance to it as I have done with my previous own cars. Perhaps once my wife gives it a name I will grow to love it (our last car, a VW Polo, was imaginatively named ‘Polly’)


Anyway, on the very same day I bought myself a road bike. It is a Carrera Virtuoso. This is my first purchase of a road bike having previously borrowed a family member’s bike to ride around the beautiful (and hilly!) Cotswolds at the weekends. My entry into the weird world of lycra is a fairly recent one, which is why I purchased this particular bike for the relatively low cost of £330. This was more than I had expected to spend, but significantly less than the price tags of most other bikes I have seen. The Carrera Virtuoso had received good reviews by a number of independent websites and generally seemed to be classed as a “good beginners bike”.


Likewise, the car has received positive reviews and could probably be classed as a “beginners BMW”, although I’m not sure this would sell many cars! So, feeling like my two modes of transport are equally matched, I decided to set a challenge – to see whether I can cycle more miles than I drive this year. This is not because I am some sort of environmental evangelist, but more as a way of chronically my cycling adventures and motivating myself to get on the bike.

Fortunately I currently live within walking / cycling distance from work so there is no need to drive. Unfortunately I have given my wife a key for the car and in it’s first week she has driven it 250 miles from Bristol to North Yorkshire to visit family. I anticipate that she will come home soon to cook my dinner and generally look after me, so I am looking at a 500 mile deficit in week one. This is not a good start …

3 thoughts on “The challenge

  1. Mum says:

    Nice car, don’t blame Meg for driving it to Yorkshire and leaving you to get on your bike. The only similarity to my car is the colour!
    We have been packing madly all weekend here, quite an achievement, still lots of do but definitely broken the back of it (and mine).
    Got a removal company, third time lucky, Lindsey came to the rescue after I had two definite ‘No, you must be joking – it’s the 1st of the month and a Friday’. She happened to call me while I was inwardly having a panic with a number of someone they recommend.
    Now it’s food and off to the loft which hopefully won’t be quite so hot now the sun’s gone down.
    Happy cycling and driving.

    Mum xx

  2. Helen Jerzak says:

    Look at you all lycra-clad! Are those satellite dishes on the top of the camper vans? Old Jucy wouldn’t have had anything as lavish as that. Just was reading through Meg’s blog as well, liking the look of the birthday cake, but oh where was the ‘bum’ cake this year?

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