The importance of seeing your Mum

This weekend I went to visit my mum and brother in Kent. This is a 500 mile roundtrip from Bristol so once again the car completely creamed the bike this week. However, as I hadn’t seen my mum for a couple of months I thought it was best to forget about my ‘challenge’ and hit the road.

I did also go for a couple of good rides last week. I have worked out a decent 20 mile circuit from Clifton which involves cycling across the suspension bridge and then downhill all the way to Portbury along the A369. Before reaching the M5 I turn off and then slowly make my way back uphill along the country lanes. The first hill is about 2 miles long and I am able to maintain a speed of about 10mph to the top … although the first time I threw up a mouthful and immediately swallowed it back down. Pretty unpleasant and a sign that I’m clearly still finding hill climbing tough.

Today I dismantled my bike and packed it up ready for my trip to Lyon by Eurostar & TGV where I will be meeting up with friends to pick up a campervan and head into the Alps to watch the Tour de France and then attempt to climb Alpe D’Huez ourselves. I can’t wait …

I bought this bike bag from ‘Duffbag’. It is under the Eurostar baggage allowance (120cm) so should allow me to take my bike at no extra cost. I took off the wheels, pedals and handlebars and lowered the seat. I wrapped the chain rings / derailleur in bubble wrap and fixed some pipe lagging around the front forks as extra protection. The bag is a good size and I have been able to fit my cycle clothes, helmet, shoes and a towel around the bike. If you are looking at the photo above and noticed the obvious omission, then don’t worry – I put the other wheel in the bag before zipping it up!

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