Pour un Maillot Jaune

In preparation for this weekend’s Sportive I have been taking it easy and not cycling – after clocking 120 miles last weekend I felt I needed some rest. Fortunately Bristol’s independent cinema, the Watershed, was hosting a cycle week and Thursday night it featured a Tour de France triple bill of short cycling movies.

Knowing the popularity of cycling in Bristol we booked tickets in advance and were glad we did so – it was a sell out! The first movie was ‘Pour un Maillot Jaune’ which follows the TDF from 1965. With no narrating the movie depicts the atmosphere of the event and the hardship faced by the riders.

The second movie was ‘Vive le Tour’ which chronicled the 1962 Tour. Watching the riders varied methods of taking on food and drink is disorganised chaos in comparison to today’s slick professionalism. However, it’s hard not to watch and wish to go back to the earlier, more amateur ways. This clip from YouTube is worth a watch:


The final movie was a documentary on Shay Elliot, the first Irish cyclist to make a mark as a professional rider in continental Europe. This was a sad tale of a talented cyclist who was ultimately betrayed by his team mates.

2 thoughts on “Pour un Maillot Jaune

  1. Pa says:

    Enjoyed the video clip. Almost Pythonesque with the nuns, the water throwers but best of all the motorcyclists who know the reflexes of the cyclists and are “absolutely safe”. Excellent.

  2. jerzak80 says:

    It definitely has some comedy moments. Running into a cafe and stuffing bottles of beer and wine in the back of their jerseys, and then sharing an ice-cream along the route made me laugh.

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