No beards in the peloton

There is a serious lack of professional cyclists with facial hair. The most obvious explanation is that any man who thinks it is appropriate to shave his legs is unlikely to grow a big bushy beard. Shaved legs on men is more bizarre than the lack of beards – it is apparently due to aerodynamics or possibly to help with the many leg massages they receive ….. I was always told that if someone gave more than one excuse they were probably lying. I recently met an amateur cyclist with shaved legs who gave the excuse that it made it easier to clean his wounds after a crash. This seemed believable until his girlfriend pointed out that the only injury he’d sustained to his legs was a shaving cut! Whatever the reason for the pros to shave, I would say that most amateur cyclists only shave because the pros do it. There may be others who only got into cycling because it gives them an excuse to shave their legs but that’s not a topic for this blog to discuss …

With all of this in mind I decided it was time to bring back beards to cycling. I haven’t noticed an loss of aerodynamics, haven’t had the need for a facial massage and haven’t suffered any road rash to the face. Long may it continue.

4 thoughts on “No beards in the peloton

  1. hilarydavies says:

    Mark, just picking myself up off the floor after laughing too hard at this post! Too good!

    Do you think it’s just a coincidence that your cyclist has a handlebar moustache? … ?

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