A brief respite from cycling …

I have just received these photos from my little brother, Boris, which were taken at a 7 a-side football tournament in Ringwood last week.

His new team, Redhill Rangers won the tournament, with Boris scoring the decisive penalty in a penalty shootout in the final. This is the penalty kick:

And this is the team mobbing the goal keeper and penalty scorers after winning the shootout:

And the victorious team photo

One benefit to me living down in Bournemouth during the week is that I’ll be able to go and watch Boris play football. First game is this week – I’m looking forward to it …

4 thoughts on “A brief respite from cycling …

  1. jerzak80 says:

    Ok Boris, I have corrected the blog post. Well done for your cup result. Will you have any more weeknight games if you do well in the cup? Then I can come and watch you again.

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