A bad case of wind

After last weekend’s marathon 100 miler, I’ve had an easier week on the bike. I went out on Wednesday to do my 20 mile New Forest personal time trial. This involves cycling 3 miles from work to the forest and then 7 miles through wild open plains and then dense woodland, all the while dodging wild horses and donkeys on the roads. 10 miles out from home I stop for a breather and check my time before heading back …

My 10 miles out was a blast. I flew along at an average speed of 20mph crossing my finishing line in 30 minutes. My first attempt on this route last week had taken 34 minutes, so as I stopped to catch my breath I starting believing that last weekend’s 100 mile cycle had somehow turned me into a super-cyclist in the space of a week.

I then turned around to head back and immediately hit a gale-forced wall of wind. I had to climb out of the saddle on the flat just to fight against it and I realised that I might have been slightly assisted in my efforts! Despite this I fought on and managed to take it home at an average of 16mph. Last week I had averaged 17mph out and back, so overall I still showed some improvement.

This blog has been 99.99% about the bike but today I have some sad car news. While my car was innocently sat in the car park at work waiting for me to drive it home, some clumsy bastard reversed into it and then drove off without owning up to their mistake. This has left my beautiful new vehicle with a nasty crumpled rear door which I will have to sort out. I hope the guilty party meets their come-uppance.

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