Cycling Hawaiian Style

We have just returned from a holiday in Hawaii. We went for a wedding and spent most of our stay in a beach house on the beautiful Windward Coast of Oahu with several other guests. While there I managed to convince my wife to hire a couple of chilled-out bikes to explore the island in style.

I was impressed by the street bike stands in Honolulu. Their design was great to look at … but extremely uncomfortable to sit on. They make the saddle on my road bike seem like a sofa!

You can’t visit Hawaii and not try to ride a few waves (apparently) so along with a boogie-boarding accomplice we took on the infamous ‘Banzai Pipeline’ waves of the Northern Shore. In winter the waves can reach over 30ft which must be terrifying. We needed flippers to fight our way out through the waves.

We were exhausted after an hour fighting against mere 6ft waves but both managed to ride a few. We also went snorkelling and were extremely lucky to see a green sea turtle along with hundreds of brightly coloured tropical fish. And were treated to some great hospitality for the wedding festivities. I have returned re-energised for my build up to the centurion ‘Exmoor Beast’ ride at the end of this month.

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