Hangover Hills

I went out on Saturday for an attempted easy flat ride to sweat out a mild hangover. Unfortunately Bristol is fairly hilly which doesn’t really provide the opportunity for flat or easy rides. But it did get the heart rate going and by the time I’d sweated my way to the top of a 2 mile hill I’d almost forgotten about the pain in my head.

No. 1 Hangover cure = 1 strong coffee, 2 pints of water, 2 Nurofen and a 40 minute hilly cycle ride!

My big news this week is that I quit my job. Working away from home for a company I don’t like was an unwelcome challenge and so I have informed my boss that I will be leaving at the end of the year. Hopefully 2012 will present opportunities to enjoy all of my life, rather than just the brief waking hours where I’m not working …

In the last 3 months I have driven about 4000 miles in my car and cycled about 300 miles. I may need to find a job next year that can allow some sort of miraculous recovery in the disastrous Bike v Car challenge!

2 thoughts on “Hangover Hills

  1. hilarydavies says:

    … good recipe! congratulations on the resignation – glad you took the message from your previous stellar video post to heart – they did not deserve you! “Great success” in 2012. x

  2. jerzak80 says:

    Thanks. Quitting wasn’t fun but it wasn’t difficult either. Just seemed like the right thing to do. Quitting a 100 mile Sportive would obviously never be an option tho! 😉

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