A thank you to Pete

I’m still feeling a minor niggle to my hip flexor muscle to my left leg as a result of the Exmoor Beast centurion. I haven’t exactly rested since then but I have been taking it relatively easy – my longest rides have been less than an hour, and longest runs about 20 minutes. However, I’m pretty sure the event would have hurt more if I hadn’t been able to borrow Pete’s carbon fibre / aluminium bike rather than my clunky steel frame one.

The bike (and rider!) got absolutely caked in mud on the day, so last weekend I gave the bike a thorough clean. This involved removing wheels and saddle and unhooking the chain in order to get into every mechanical nook and cranny. Before putting the pieces back together I gave it a good greasing to keep all the moving parts well lubed. By the end the bike was sparkling like new. Unlike the cleaner and his many rags which seemed to be covered in all the afore-mentioned mud and grease. Luckily Mrs BikeVcar was out relaxing at the spa which gave me ample time to sort myself out.

A big thank you to Pete for the loan of his bike. I hope you’ll be pleased to see it clean as new.

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