Heart rate monitoring

I went out for a 30 mile ride this weekend on the wet & muddy Autumn roads around Bristol. I took the southern section of the Route 10 Avon Cycleway from Clevedon around to Bristol Airport before heading back to Clifton via Ashton Park.

Like most rides around Bristol this has a few hilly sections which get the heart rate going. I have recently been trying to get a better understanding of heart rate monitoring. Instead of my usual plan of thrashing it until I burn out I have been trying to find a level I can maintain, thus increasing my endurance ability. This seems to be around the 160 – 170 bpm range. When I hit 180 bpm I can feel the burn in my legs and I know it’s time to slow it down (unless I’m halfway up a hill and then I’m not sure what else to do but keep going)

I have also been trying to monitor my resting heart rate which is in the range of 55 – 60 bpm. However the biggest obstacle to monitoring my resting rate is that I don’t seem to stop moving long enough. Maybe once I retire next year I’ll have more time to rest.

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