Malton, North Yorkshire

We are now in Malton, North Yorkshire on the final leg of our Christmas tour of England visiting family. Yesterday we drove up from the Cotswolds on the empty roads with only the noise of the wind whistling through the bike frames on the back of the car to keep us company. After some lunch I headed out with my father-in-law and wife’s uncle on a 35 mile route along the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.

The calm before the storm

The weather initially was quite mild for a December ‘oop North’ but this quickly changed around the halfway point where we were left battling against horizontal sleet and hail which subsequently turned the roads into rivers. Any complaints about the conditions were met with the response from my wife’s uncle, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing and a bad attitude”.

Oop North, lad

Route from Malton

I had cycled parts of this routes on one of my first road bike outings back in the Spring so I found myself enjoying the stark improvements in my ability to climb the ascents. On that earlier cycling experience I had been left for dead a mile from home by my wife’s uncle as he blasted his way back to the front door. So on this occasion I returned the favour by racing my way up the last climb before putting my head down and thrashing it home. Despite the feeling of utter exhaustion it felt great flying along the country lanes with water from my tyres spraying all around.

Malton Route Hill Profile

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