Ms Bike V Car

Having been away from wife and home (and bike) for two weeks I was glad to be back in Bristol for the weekend. It was a beautifully crisp and sunny January Saturday and seemed like the ideal opportunity to convince Ms BikeVCar to come out for a cycle. My wife hadn’t ridden a bike for about 15 years since suffering a back injury while rowing which required surgery. Over the last few months she had expressed an interest in cycling again and today she went for it.

Ms Bike V Car

We decided to cycle the Bristol to Bath Railway Path which is a 15 mile tarmac route free from cars and hills. After I changed the pedals, adjusted the saddle and gave a few brief instructions on the gear levers she took off and didn’t look back. We stopped a couple of times along the path to make some further saddle adjustments but there was never any doubt that she had her sights set on reaching Bath. The assurance that we would have burned enough calories to consume a whole plate of pancakes may have added some extra motivation!

A hard earned feast in Bath

In Bath we sat outside a cafe enjoying the sights while consuming coffee and the aforementioned pancakes. And then we turned around and headed back along the path to Bristol arriving home after a total of 36 miles.

Following a nice cup of tea and a whole packet of garibaldi biscuits (aka “squashed fly biscuits”) I was delighted to hear Ms BikeVCar say she wanted to get her own bike.

In less than a month we have achieved one less car in the house, and now potentially have one more cyclist.

One more cyclist .........

10 thoughts on “Ms Bike V Car

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Nice… I’ve been working on Mrs. Bgddyjim to get her going for quite some time. We do ride together from time to time though and it’s always time well spent. Sure beats fighting over the TV remote.

  2. hilarydavies says:

    go ms. bikevcar!!!! lovely photos! we do remember a 20-mile bike trip with a young teenage ms.bikevcar, but 36 miles is definitely a record. now you both need a wife to make the cake for you …

  3. tootlepedal says:

    A cycle path, the sun, an agreeable partner to pedal with, pancakes and to top it off, a squashed fly biscuit….haven’t you peaked too early? There’s a long way to go this year.

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