Living the dream

What sort of a person would enjoy riding a bike in the dark at -6’C? The same person who’s moaned for months about working away from home for an awful employer. But today that all changed. My interview on Monday was a great success and I was offered the job the same day.

Today was my first day of cycle-commuting. In a few weeks time I will be running a project in Nailsea which is about 8 miles from home; until then I will be based at head office which is a 16 mile journey each way. Despite the cold conditions I enjoyed the ride and not even the ice on the roads and lack of cycle racks or showers at work could dampen my mood.

I conquered the ice at slow speeds, brought my bike into the office to keep it safe and then changed in a toilet cubicle. I hardly broke a sweat on the journey due to the frigid temperatures so managed without a shower. I was however a little thirsty by the time I arrived as the water in my water bottle had frozen!

ice water

6 thoughts on “Living the dream

    • jerzak80 says:

      First order placed for the new site will be a toilet block with a shower. Not sure if they do a unit with a bike rack too but it’s obviously worth looking into 😉

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