A broken spoke and a deceitful wheel

As if cycling in Arctic temperatures wearing a bulky mass of clothing wasn’t difficult enough, my absence of recent bicycle maintenance seems to have made my commute unnecessarily arduous. On Thursday I noticed that my lying, deceitful back wheel was so far from true that it may as well have been saying it was square. With no spoke adjuster in my toolkit (what an amateur) I opened out the brake calipers to prevent the wheel from rubbing and then rode to and from work in the snow on Friday.

On Saturday I made a few essential bike purchases and then headed home to clean my machine before attending to its glitches. It was only when I rather anally went to clean each individual spoke that I noticed that one had broken. This resulted in another quick trip to the local bike shop on the ‘false’ wheel to purchase of a new spoke. It was a little bugger to thread through and needed to be bent slightly to get past the cassette but I managed to get it in before spending a bit of time adjusting the spoke and those around it to make sure the wheel was good and honest once more.

I fitted new brake pads and spent some further time giving the bike a once-over, glad that these rookie errors didn’t appear to have caused any lasting damage to the bike.

An un-true wheel's nothing to cry about

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