A test of cycling character

Today the gods of cycle-commuting did not look favourably upon me. Either that or they decided to set a test of character. My 8 mile journey to work went fine as I plodded along the dark and empty roads at silly o’clock. However my journey to an afternoon meeting did not go so well. A 6 mile cycle should have been an enjoyable break in the day. However a series of events conspired to give an enjoyment factor of zero.

1. The heavens opened. I was wearing ‘waterproofs’ however a torrential downpour laughs in the face of a cyclist in such clothing.

2. I ignored a ‘road closed’ sign. I assumed that it would still be passable by bike. It wasn’t resulting in a 3 mile fruitless journey along filthy country lanes just to get back where I started.

If you think this says "road unpassable to any vehicle other than a bike" then you probably can't read

3. On a long, open stretch the rain teamed up with it’s buddy, bastard-strong wind and laughed even harder at my efforts to move forward.

4. I got a bit lost. Nothing too drastic but the enforced detour caused a few navigational issues on unfamiliar roads.

Despite all of this I somehow managed to arrive just in time for the start of the meeting. However a few minutes to catch my breath, freshen up and dry up the puddles of rain and sweat would have been beneficial for everyone. This was the first time I had met the professional team on the project and I think this all resulted in a fairly flawless first impression! It can only improve from here …

3 thoughts on “A test of cycling character

      • bgddyjim says:

        Oh I hear that… I don’t know if I’ll ever like riding in the rain as much as I do running in it…and then to get hammered by the wind on top? That’s not even fair.

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