The start of a cycling revolution?

The subject of cycling has recently been cropping up in the news quite regularly. Earlier this month a high-profile safety campaign was launched by The Times after one of its reporters was seriously injured as she cycled to work. This appears to have been a catalyst for a debate last week in the House of Commons on making cycling safer. And it has been announced that later this year, Wales will become the first country in the world to legally enforce the maintenance of a network of cycle and walking routes.

With people generally perceiving cycling as a dangerous pursuit, an unwelcome recent article announcing an increase in the number of cyclists seriously injured did nothing to displace this belief. Especially as the statistics had been interpreted in a shockingly simplistic way. While the number of serious injuries to cyclists in 2010 had increased … so had the total number of cyclists on the roads, to the extent that 2010 was actually one of the lowest recorded years for casualties-per-cyclist. Statistically you are now more likely to be killed as a pedestrian than as a cyclist.

The more people who cycle, the safer it will become and the more money the government should hopefully invest in cycling infrastructure. Power to the cyclist.

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