A well-earned rest

After covering 225 miles over 7 consecutive days of cycling, tomorrow will be a well-earned rest day. I think. No, it definitely will!

I’m generally not good at resting or keeping still. However this means that I can become incredibly frustrating and grumpy if I get injured so it’s probably best for everyone if I take a rest before my body forces me to. The main reason for the rest is that I have a meeting in the middle of the day that requires smart dress and lots of paperwork so can’t really turn up as ‘Lycra-Man’ with a shirt and a notepad stuffed in my bag. So the car will be claiming a few miles tomorrow but nothing to challenge the bike’s recent domination.

A rest at the top of a hill. How could you cycle past this bench and its view

I had a nice ride on Sunday along the Northern section of the Avon cycleway. It’s a fairly flat route out to the Cotswolds and across towards the Severn Bridge and allowed me to clock my longest ride so far this year at 60 miles. I felt a few aches yesterday morning and also a bit of a sting to the parts of my body that ‘touched the tarmac’ when I was busy looking at a road sign over my shoulder and clipped a kerb.

Note to self - "look in the direction of travel"

4 thoughts on “A well-earned rest

  1. meglovell says:

    If by ‘everyone’ you mean me, I agree. I think you need a graphic content warning at the top of this post!

    ps stop peeking at my comment before I post it, you’ll ruin the surprise x

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