Suffering …

For the cyclist it was a three mile stretch of bumpy country lanes covered in fresh tractor-droppings of manure with busy flies buzzing around. Struggling to breathe through a blocked nose should have reduced the stench of baked crap but it meant having to breathe through the mouth and choke on the odd fly. When the rear wheel kept slipping on muck on a steep ascent the suffering was complete.

For the flatmates it was bringing the bike inside and stinking out the communal area with its caked and baked manure.

For the bike it was being left outside all day at work the next day after stinking out the office. Poor old poo bike.

One thought on “Suffering …

  1. bgddyjim says:

    In the summertime, to the north, we have horse flies the size of bats. Down south, where I live, we have swarms of gnats… I’ve eaten more than my fair share of each and it’s very important to look at the bright side there – that’s protein brother.

    I’ll never get used to the gnats no matter how good a spin I put on them.

    Riding through poo? Yup, that pretty much sucks no matter how you cut it.

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