Ms. Bike V Car Part 2

This weekend we headed to the Cotswolds for a quiet and relaxing weekend. With the minimum amount of coercion Ms BikeVCar agreed to go cycling, although the gifts of her very own saddle and helmet could possibly be seen as acts of bribery. Nonetheless, she was keen to take on the rolling hills of the Cotswolds.

Saturday's ride included several typical Cotswold rolling hills and a couple of sharp inclines

As team leader of Team BikeVCar she took the lightweight Fuji racing bike while I accepted my role as ‘domestique’ / water-carrier and loaded up my heavy bike with our supplies before we set off.

The team leader settles into her rhythm

The weather was good to us as as we made our way along the quiet Cotswold lanes through a number of small, picturesque villages.

Outside a thatched roof cottage in Kingham

Why is that water-carrier smiling? He should be suffering for the leader

About halfway out the blue sky was replaced by menacing grey clouds and it began to hail. Fortunately the domestique had brought a pair of gloves which were handed over to the leader. Foolishly he had forgotten to bring a second pair for himself. The team battled on.

Wrapping up against an impromptu hail-storm

The end of the storm

A couple of miles from home we decided to stop in at the Kings Head Inn, Bledington for beer and lunch. This was where we had held our wedding reception two years ago and so is always nice to drop by.


After taking on the necessary calories to get home, and negotiating the chickens in the car park we set off to conquer the steep hills back to Stow on the Wold. In total we had completed a 24 mile ride with 1500 feet of climbing. This ultimately resulted in a team nap before a well-earned dinner.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To cheer on Team BikeVCar!

Setting off for home

2 thoughts on “Ms. Bike V Car Part 2

  1. hilarydavies says:

    … wow … go Ms. Bike v. Car, team leader! Could not stop laughing reading this – so glad she has achieved the same place in your family of two as she always had in ours. Next time don’t be so silly as to forget your gloves. 😉

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