A 97 mile commute

I needed to get from Bristol to Somerton to check out a new site. It’s over 30 miles away so I would have normally driven, but work is quiet and I fancied a long ride so I went for it. My with jersey pockets stuffed with bananas, energy gels, flapjacks, a raincoat, bunches of keys and a phone I was about to set off when my supplies started vibrating. Fortunately it was the phone and not the banana. The call concerned the project in Nailsea and meant adding a 15 mile detour to the start of the ride.

Hunting for hills in Somerset

From Nailsea I headed in the wrong direction back towards Bristol purely to climb the ridge onto the Clevedon Road before finally heading South towards my distant destination. It was an eerie ride with thick fog reducing visibility to about 20 metres.

Fog at high elevation - possibly cycling inside a cloud?

En route to Somerton I took a few further diversions to climb Brockley Coombe, Burrington Coombe and Cheddar Gorge so that by the time I eventually arrived I was completely shattered having covered 60 hilly miles. Fortunately I had been able to dismiss thoughts of abandoning by thinking logically about the lack of alternative transport options. In Somerton I found a shop and stocked up on supplies to replace my depleted jersey pockets.

I took a more direct route home and fortunately felt reenergised by the feed in Somerton. It was 37 miles home and took about 2 & 1/2 hours including a couple of stops to check my map and to eat.

At home I showered, changed and then collapsed on the sofa. 97.4 miles / 6 hours of cycling / 16.6mph average speed / 6546 feet of climbing. When Ms BikeVCar arrived home to find a vegetable for a husband, her first comment was “why didn’t you just cycle 3 miles more and make it 100?” Not the reaction I was expecting, but a good point no less.

The outcome of yesterday’s ‘research’ is that unless you do a job that takes only 2 hours work per day, and you can do that work horizontally from the sofa with your eyes closed and quietly groaning, then commuting 97 miles probably isn’t practical.

7 thoughts on “A 97 mile commute

    • jerzak80 says:

      Had it been cricket I would have agreed with the unfortunateness of falling 3 runs short of a century. But being a commute I think it was about 77 miles too long!

      • bgddyjim says:

        Centuries are meant for weelends. Commutes are meant to beat the gas man and keep fit by getting a dozen or so extra miles in. The two should not be interchanged. I meant for that comment to imply “yup that sounds like a question a wife would ask” without actually saying it for fear of being ostrisized by the ‘fairer’ among us.

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