Bike accessories – No. 4: The sammidge bag

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a cycle accessories blog, so I thought I’d make a return with one of the most ubiquitous of cycling accoutrements – the sammidge bag. I believe it’s name is an acronym of Sealable Adaptable Man-Made Individual Doggy-bag Goes Everywhere, but I could be wrong. All I do know is that you can’t head out for a ride in rainy old England without one.

If you want a designer sammidge bag (and let's face it, designer stuff is way cooler) then I'd recommend the "iPhone Sammidge bag by Oczet" pictured above. It's not cheap but it looks great

Until recently, I had thought that the sammidge bag’s uses were purely limited to keeping stuff in your jersey pockets dry, but that was before I discovered that Garmin GPS devices don’t register elevation when it rains. Apparently they all have a hole in the back to allow an internal barometer to read atmospheric pressure, which is all very clever, but that if a bit of rain clogs the hole then it stops working.

Normally this would have caused frustration, but not for a man armed with a Sammidge Bag! Problem solved.

It's not pretty, it's not high-tech, but it bloody works

6 thoughts on “Bike accessories – No. 4: The sammidge bag

    • jerzak80 says:

      If you need any recommendations then let me know 😉 I think there are lighter weight brands out there but I don’t think anyone does sammidge bags in carbon yet! 😀

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