Slow roasted cyclist

There was no need for an alarm clock this morning – the wind and the rain were playing a fantastic duet on our rickety sash window that was far too musical to sleep through. After coffee and porridge I began the slow process of getting dressed to cycle. I used to live in hope that with experience I would become more efficient at getting ready to ride, but it still takes an age as I walk laps of our flat looking for everything. Shorts hanging on the drying rack, socks in the cupboard, jersey in the ‘cycle box’, water bottle still sitting filthy on the bike (oops).

Halfway to work, and at the top of a steep hill I had to strip off some of my many layers. The rain had stopped and steam was slowly rising off my body giving me the apt appearance of an overworked engine.

My ride to work was painfully slow. It’s possible that some passing cars may have mistaken me for a giant, fluorescent yellow snail slithering pitifully up the side of the road, but I eventually arrived, soaked in rain and sweat. Clothing was promptly hung up on every available space hoping that it would be dry 10 hours later ….

Several kilograms of soggy cycling clothing cluttering up my office

I needn’t have worried about my clothes drying, as my ride home was a wet and wild experience. Lumpy hale and strong winds made cycling spectacularly difficult but I battled on via Burrington Coombe for some bonus hill climbing. I arrived home late, wet, cold and very very tired this evening.

I didn't find any pots of gold at the top of Burrington Coombe unfortunately

My plan is to cycle every day this week, then rest on Saturday before joining a few friends on Sunday for a sportive in Exmoor. This evening’s weather report seems to be particularly unfavourable for my plans!

Thou shalt not cycle in fair weather

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