Stuff that’s happening at the moment:

I’m riding a lot. It’s raining a lot. My bike is taking a beating and so are my legs. I can ignore the pain in my legs, but not my rear wheel which was sounding like an overworked pepper grinder.

Remove working parts, clean and grease and then replace in the correct order. Sounds simpler than it proved.

A satisfyingly grubby mitt

I have also been climbing a lot of hills. Not at particularly impressive speeds but I keep telling myself it’s a marathon not a sprint and that I need to keep spinning in an easy gear to save my knees. Riding a heavy bike, with a bulky backpack and soaked to the skin isn’t exactly ‘fun’ in the conventional sense of the word. But I have a plan and I’m bloody well sticking to it.

How to climb 21,000m / 70,000ft in 20 days - climb a lot, twice a day and try not to fall asleep at work in-between

I have nightmares about this graph

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