Name your bike? Frank The Ox

I own one bike. This might sound mad.

My bike had no name. This might seem sad.

My bike being modelled by the lovely Ms BikeVCar. To those who know nothing about bikes it probably looks flash, to those in the know it probably looks gash

Today I decided to christen my bike. It’s done a huge amount of mileage over the last year and I felt it deserved some love. My other passion in life is football, in particular Chelsea. So I decided to name it after an apt former Chelsea player – Frank Leboeuf. Not because it’s French, not because it’s classy (he was) and not because it’s won anything (because it hasn’t)

Purely because Le Boeuf roughly translates to The Ox. A beast for pulling heavy loads, i.e. itself and its rider.

Frank kindly reminds the ref that if he dares to produce another card he'll be promptly crushed for his foolishness

Have you given your bike(s) a name? I’d like to know why & how …

5 thoughts on “Name your bike? Frank The Ox

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Ironically enough I just named both my elegantly awesome red, white and blue 5200 and my 3700 – Old Glory and The Goat. Old Glory fits the road bike perfectly – it’s old but awesome. The nickname for the mountain bike probably has more to do with its owner.

  2. tuckamoredew says:

    I sometimes feel that I should name my bikes but nothing has occurred to me yet that doesn’t feel forced. The closest is “Nishiki-san” my ’83 Nishiki Continental touring bike. I do so love her.

    • bikevcar says:

      I know where you’re coming from – I’ve had this bike for over a year without giving it a name. Just felt giving it some love might delay the inevitable new bike purchase …

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