100th blog post: going metric

With its 100th blog post, BikeVCar has seen this as an appropriate landmark to fall in line with the cycling world and go metric, where distances are communicated in kilometres and ascents in metres. I appreciate that this may cause some confusion to readers from the USA where the imperial system is still used. I doubt anything could make things more confusing in the UK where both systems are partly used, with the bizarre result that short distances are measured in metres and long distances in miles, with many people apparently unsure how to convert between the two.

A garlanded tape-measure makes a great winner’s trophy

Henceforth, kilometres will be the unit of measurement on this blog. If you are unsure how to convert kilometres to miles, then a simple trick is to divide the number by 8 and then multiply by 5.

If you are unsure how to do this, then you could find a 10 year old and ask for their help.

Alternatively you could get this tattooed on your arm

I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and that its decimalisation doesn’t cause too much confusion. I would love to write more but the temperature outside is a beautiful 303 Kelvins which seems like perfect cycling weather for a ride.

4 thoughts on “100th blog post: going metric

  1. Frank Burns says:

    …..or use a calculator and divide the kilometres by 1.6093. You will see immediately that the metric mile (1500m) falls over 100m short of an imperial mile, and the metric century (150kms) is over 10kms (6.2 miles) short of 100 miles.
    Anyway, measuring in kms always gives your cycling ego that little extra boost!

  2. hilarydavies says:

    Hey y’all listen up – we are the last imperialists – so true!
    p.s. congratulations on 144 octal blogs each as funny as the last (with the possible exception of those dutch cycling vids – wtf)

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