Ugh … pain … head

After an unhealthy and debauched weekend of birthday celebrations, stag dos and football, this morning’s cycle commute to work was no fun. Added to this, my last ride had been on the new bike so clambering back on The Ox was never going to feel great anyway.

The weather was crappy all morning, but it dried up in the afternoon and by home time we were enjoying some rare sunshine. I was laden down with a heavy backpack of groceries and so sensibly decided to take it easy going home. However, 30 seconds into the ride I was moving fast and enjoying it so I decided to maintain the speed. After another 30 seconds I decided to see how long I could maintain my maximum effort level. I have been toying with the idea of trying a time trial at some point and so thought it would be good to try riding hard for a prolonged period.

In the end, I went full throttle for 15 minutes until I was struck by a killer headache. I immediately slowed to a pootle and struggled the last 10 minutes home before collapsing on the lounge floor where I was discovered 15 minutes later by a bemused Ms BikeVCar.

A broken man


Unsure whether it was the exertion, dehydration in the sunny conditions or a delayed hangover from the weekend I lay on the floor quietly groaning at my foolishness.

Ms BikeVCar – “what’s happened to you?”

Me – “Ugh … Pain … head. Went too hard”

Ms BikeVCar – “You should have taken it easy”

A few glasses of water and a short while later I peeled myself off the floor and went for a shower. Next time I plan to take it easy I should listen to myself more carefully.

7 thoughts on “Ugh … pain … head

  1. bgddyjim says:

    NEVAH!!! Go hard or go home (or both in your case)! WooHoo! You’ll feel better in a minute. (I thought about writing this in all caps but I didn’t want to make your headache worse)

    • bikevcar says:

      A lack of self-discipline on a weekend away + a lack of self-discipline on a “rest day” on the bike = collapsed man. Felt fine an hour later 🙂

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