Shorts weather

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better and is having a belated proper attempt at a Spring offering. To the extent that I rode to work yesterday in cycling shorts cut above the knees. This felt good even if it did give many people the alarming sight of my pasty, hairy pins. For the last few months I have been wearing tights to work which I think has put me on a par with a ballet dancer to most of my workmates.

“Jumping for the pure joy of wearing tights”

A couple of weeks ago I made the change to 3/4 length tights which stopped midway down my calves. These demi-shorts seemed a better option until I recently found out that the correct terminology for this item of clothing is “knickers”. Why? Who came up with that? Surely somebody could have thought of a less effeminate name than that. Never did I think I would regularly be wearing tights and knickers.

So with the above in mind, and with the sun on my back, I was glad to finally be comfortable in a regular pair of man shorts.

3 thoughts on “Shorts weather

  1. bgddyjim says:

    You think knickers – Jesus, I just did a Google search for “knickers” with my daughter sitting right next to me, thank God the safe search was ON and she was too engrossed in “Little Einsteins”… Holy SMOKES!!! Those knickers weren’t the knickers I was looking for!!!

  2. Frank Burns says:

    Ah, the season of “legs revealed” is when the ‘rubber meets the road’. We are still in the in-between season…… have to study the forecast before deciding what to wear.

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