Not the toughest

A couple of weeks ago Ms BikeVCar said we should go for a cycle around Chew Lake. From our house it’s an enjoyable 25 km loop and she wanted to learn  the route. When it’s raining hard, it’s obviously not as enjoyable and at that time it was raining hard. When Mr BikeVCar pointed this out, she said that he might get a bit wet so best to wear a rain jacket. At this point he was beginning to wonder whether he had become the second hardest cyclist in the household.

Last week he got home from work on a wet and blustery evening to find a note from Ms BikeVCar.

Man, she is tough

This weekend she wanted to go for a longer ride so Mr BikeVCar decided to set a tougher test than Chew Lake. From our house we headed West to Blagdon on the morale-sapping undulating road which then leads straight into Burrington Coombe, a 250 metre climb to the highest point of the Mendip Hills.

“Did you say this was a hard climb, or is the hard bit still to come?”

From the top of Burrington Coombe we headed around Beacon Batch and across the top of the Mendips. The sun was shining, the air was clear and a forthcoming climb of Cheddar Gorge was being plotted by Mr BikeVCar.

On top of the Mendips

Mr BikeVCar contemplates the next test of toughness

It was such a clear day you could see all the way to Wales

Cycling uphill is one thing, but going downhill through steep, shadowy, potholed, gravelly country lanes can also be tough.

“Are you doing this on purpose?”

From the top of the Mendips we raced down to the foot of Cheddar Gorge. The option of coffee and cake was presented but Ms BikeVCar said it would only delay the inevitable hardship. Cake should be saved for the end.

Beginning the climb of Cheddar Gorge

The goats knew not to mess with Ms BikeVCar on a mission

Ms BikeVCar climbs the steepest hill in the world

From the top of Cheddar Gorge we had a 6 km ride back across the top of the Mendips followed by the type of descent that hurts the hands and elbows and emits a smell of burning rubber brake pads. In total we covered 40 very hilly kilometres at a respectable pace. And as we tucked into our well-earned chocolate brownies Ms BikeVCar was already talking about going for a longer ride next weekend. “Something a bit tougher than today!”


2 thoughts on “Not the toughest

  1. hilarydavies says:

    Can I just say how awesome Ms.BikevCar looks in her retro jersey. Remember that she made it to the state finals of her XC team – we underestimate the strength of will of Ms. BikevCar at our peril! x x

    • bikevcar says:

      She certainly doesn’t lack will power. A little birdie has also just told me that she has just signed up for her first sportive in August. Possibly the same little birdie who likes 1kg bags of peanuts!

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