Happy Birthday Dear Blog

This week, BikeVCar celebrates its first anniversary. The blog was originally conceived as a way of chronically my cycling adventures and motivating myself to get on the bike. With this in mind it has been a success. I have gone from an occasional rider to a “cycling nut” (according to my wife), to the extent that my commutes to and from work are the most enjoyable parts of my working week. The bike has introduced me to great friends in a new city and helped me keep in touch with old friends though cycling events. It has also given me the opportunity to discover some beautiful parts of the countryside I never would have bothered to go near in a car.

A great view on a blissfully car-free commute home this evening

But the biggest discovery has been the great culture of cycling. Partly this is the sport of professional cycling, but mostly it is the people who love to cycle and everything that goes with it. Most mornings over my coffee and porridge I find myself clicking on the following blogs to keep updated with the progress of these other cycle nuts:

But the real hero over the last year has to be the bike that has transformed me into a nut. I may have recently bought a flashy new racing bike for the weekends, but I still enjoy getting on the old boy each morning and riding to work. And so I thought it only fair to lavish it with a few gifts this week. On top of a necessary replacement spoke and wheel-truing I bought it a new saddle (admittedly this gift was as much for my @rse as it was the bike) and also fitted a flashy, matching blue-trimmed tyre (admittedly a second-hand gift) to breathe new life into the old ox.

This road may well have been named by a cyclist

I’m not sure I have any definite goals for the next year, other than more of the same please. And to hope that my ability on the bike continues to improve along with my love of cycling. Of course, a full recovery in the Bike V Car Challenge would be great, but looking at the stats that may have to wait until this blog’s third year!

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