Bike v Car: The first year

It’s the end of Bike v Car’s first year and the start of its second. This is obviously an ideal opportunity to overdose my readers with a healthy serving of graphical analysis.

The bike has covered bang-on half the distance of the car (7606 v 15189 km) 

The first six months to the end of 2011 were fairly disastrous for the challenge, but action was then taken and the recovery has been looking promising ever since. The graph below shows the distances for 2012 alone:

In 2012 the bike has covered 2.5 times the distance of the car (5638 v 2315 km)

The most pleasing statistic here is the total distance covered by bike this year. 5638 km over 24 weeks equates to an average of 235 km (147 miles) per week. Nine months ago this was the furthest distance I had ever cycled in one week. Now it’s the average. This has mostly been due to commuting to work by bike, but this really should be the essence of bike v car. Cycling for pleasure is now one of my favourite pastimes, but cycling instead of driving would almost certainly be the point of this blog if it had any political or social views, rather than just being a bunch of my bike-related ramblings.

Looking ahead on 2012 form alone it will take exactly another year to recover the huge deficit. It’s obviously impossible to predict the future but I am likely to have my current living and working locations for the next year so this is potentially achievable. However, it is very easy to think in June when the hours of daylight are at their longest. Let’s see how I feel about a one hour commute in December.

53 more weeks until recovery

What else can I say except that it’s been a year of two halves. Here’s to Year 2 being a strong year for the bike.

4 thoughts on “Bike v Car: The first year

  1. Spokes and the City says:

    What a great challenge and interesting to see the results shown as a graph. Here in Australia we’re in winter and there’s no doubt it affects our cycling. We don’t have a very cold winter but we’ve had so much rain. I am still trying to commute to work on the bike as much as I can and ride on the weekends. Look forward to some more updates.

    • bikevcar says:

      Thanks – as if dressing head to toe in lycra wasn’t weird and nerdy enough, I decided to record it all in Excel graphs 😉 Good luck with winter commuting. Where abouts in Aus do you live?

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