Climbing challenge complete

This week I completed the challenge to climb 7000 vertical metres. Sunday started with a long ride to set me up for the week ahead. Monday involved a few hilly detours en route to work and the same back home to hit a climbing total of 900 metres. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were more of the same with just a little extra to hit the 1000 metres per day total. But by Thursday evening I realised I could save my bum, brain and legs prolonged punishment by signing off the challenge with a mega-Friday of 1400 metres of climbing.

My wife was confused when I kissed her farewell an hour earlier than normal, as were my work colleagues when I arrived half an hour late (they weren’t lucky enough to get a kiss). It turns out that “hill repeats” is an unusual but acceptable excuse for lateness. These are this week’s elevations to meet the challenge:

Day 1: Sunday – 76 km, 1490 metres climbed

Day 2: Monday – 59 km, 911 metres climbed

Day 3: Tuesday – 65 km, 1035 metres climbed

Day 4: Wednesday – 63 km, 1005 metres climbed

Day 5: Thursday – 63 km, 1030 metres climbed

Day 6: Friday – 75 km, 1425 metres climbed

This gives a total of exactly 400 kilometres over the six days. It took 16 hours giving an average speed of 25 kph. All of the above sounds impressive until you remember what we were all attempting to emulate by participating in this competition:

A genuine king of the mountains

9 thoughts on “Climbing challenge complete

  1. Tejvan Pettinger says:

    It’s great when British Cycling is getting such good coverage, hill intervals are starting to be accepted as a valid excuse for being late to work.

    BTW: love the idea of bike v Car.

    Good luck with climbing.

    • bikevcar says:

      Tempting. I’m doing a 20k TT in a months time at Blenheim Palace. This will be my first attempt at dipping my toe in competitive cycling. Who knows what will follow ….

      • traumfahrrad says:

        that’s a cracker to start with. closed road, festival of cycling, all the top names – great event. you’ll love it. don’t forget the TT extensions.

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