Resting … kind of

After last week’s arduous hill climbing bonanza I have embarked on a different kind of mission this week. Summer has finally arrived and in quite some style. For the last few weeks I only ever saw one other mad cyclist on my commutes to and from work, braving the crazy rains. We both acknowledged each other as we passed, sharing an understanding. But this week the sun has been blazing down and the roads are awash with cyclists soaking up the sun and the recent glories of a home-grown Maillot Jaune.

The flying-fist of Wiggo

This week I have set myself a different challenge – taking it easy and just enjoying cycling. No bike computer. No care about speed or heart rate. No iPod. The only thing I have focussed on is my pedal stroke; cycling in circles. It has been really enjoyable and I’ve stopped a few times to enjoy the views and take a couple of photos. It’s difficult to take a total rest while needing to commute each day, but easy riding seems to be the best current solution. The other option could be to buy our household a second motorised vehicle for commuting, which wouldn’t really be in the spirit of bike v car!

A quiet church on a quiet lane along my commute

Blagdon Lake and another village church

Last week’s mammoth 400km has however seen great gains in the Bike V Car Challenge. Next on the agenda is to hit the 10,000km milestone.

Go bike

2 thoughts on “Resting … kind of

  1. hilarydavies says:

    ok … so here it is … 56 weeks … bike has done about 9250 miles or 165 m/wk … car has done about 16250 miles or 290 m/wk … BUT if you take those 13 weeks commuting to Bournemouth out of your bikevcar life (oh, yes please), during which time it seemed that car went about 9250 miles, then car went 7000 miles in 43 weeks or 163 m/wk!!! BIKE WINS!!! Like the accountant said “two plus two … hmmm, what number did you have in mind?”

    • bikevcar says:

      Good analysis. Delete those terrible weeks and forget it ever happened! Although … maybe there was some good to come out of that experience: the motivation to focus more on cycling and less on working 😀

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