Bike v Car – acceptable in the 80’s?

I scratched the top tube of my bike with my shoe when climbing off. My wife suggested that I try dismounting off the back of the saddle rather than my ungainly forwards manoeuvre followed by a huge back-step. She’s probably right. This weekend I was blowing the dust off a few old boxes as I try to reduce my junk-hoarding and I came across a photo that probably explains the roots of my awkward habit.

“Thumbs up if you love foam top-tube protectors”

I’m not sure a foam top-tube protector would look too hot on my current bike, but I’d love to get my hands on a packet of those multicoloured spokey-dokeys.

There was also this cracking snap of us holidaying in our family motor.

You just don’t see enough Fiat 126’s these days

It’s too tough to declare a winner between these bikes and the car. But they certainly made me laugh and distracted me from the task in hand …

6 thoughts on “Bike v Car – acceptable in the 80’s?

  1. bgddyjim says:

    That’s hilarious – in an awesome way. I can remember a photo from when I was five, decked out in my plaid pants and blue sweater – I thought I was the coolest thing on the planet. 37 years later and I still laugh about it. Kid cool rocks!

  2. AndrewGills says:

    Clearly we’re of a similar vintage 🙂 🙂 I have some 80s photos of me on a BMX with top tube protector too … but mine was yellow with black protectors 🙂

    I love the spokey dokeys! They used to rock. I recently saw someone at a triathlon here in Australia who had spokey dokeys on their wheels. It was HILARIOUS!

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