I cycle to work every day. Evidently this is not a ‘normal’ thing to do. For better or worse I receive a lot of comments from non-cycle persons. The most common are:

  • “Nice shorts” [sarcastic]
  • “Since I’ve been working with you I tend to be more considerate towards cyclists”
  • “I’d like to cycle to work but …” [insert excuse]
  • “I can’t believe you dress in those ridiculous clothes”
  • “How far do you cycle? HOW far do you cycle??”
  • “Cyclists shouldn’t be on the roads … cyclists should pay road tax … etc.”
  • “I think I’m going to get my bike out the shed and cycle to work one day next week…”
  • “Get some brighter clothing or you’re gonna get killed”
  • “Enjoy your ride home” [sarcastic when weather is bad]
  • “I bet you enjoyed your ride in today” [when weather is good]

Maybe it’s me rather than the cycling, but I do feel that most people think I’m a loon for riding to work every day. Maybe I am a loon. The weather’s been a bit crap recently but I’ve ridden through it. However I saw the glorious view below on the way to work today and decided to stop and enjoy it and take a few photos before carrying on.

Maybe it’s just because of the St George’s flag but this looked like a very quintessentially English countryside church

4 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Andrew Gills says:

    Nope, it’s a cycling thing – not you. I used to get the same comments when I used to cycle to work (I cycled to work for years at my last 3 jobs but there’s no end-of-trip facilities at my current job and to be honest I’ve discovered running).

    Have you ever tried responding with something like ‘while these clothes look ridiculous, they make my legs look great and women love it’ … LOL.

  2. bgddyjim says:

    Definitely a loon – but that’s a good thing. I’ll start paying a road tax for riding my bike when I no longer have to ride in a vehicle lane and don’t drive a car. Until the powers that be add 1 meter shoulders on roads the whiners can shut it. We have to risk our lives to share the road with angry buggers who have a tendency to lack attention.

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