The naked stem

I’ve been riding my bike almost every day recently. But I’ve been doing so without my Garmin strapped to the stem. Initially this was because I was riding the same route to work and I knew the distance. But also it was because I was getting bored of strava and the need to electronically document every ride. I think in future I will use it purely as a training tool and not every ride. This week I decided to mix things up a little and altered my route via a hill which takes me about 15 minutes to climb. The weather’s been warm and I found satisfaction in watching the sweat dripping off my nose and chin and splattering my bare stem. It feels good to be concentrating on the road, the rotation of the pedals and the gradients of the hills rather than a distracting bunch of numbers.

the chew valley

11 thoughts on “The naked stem

  1. Old Bone Machine says:

    Bill Strickland (a great cycle writer) made a comment (via Twitter) that a friend had indicated they had read 85% of their book. The statistic came from their Kindle e-reader.
    I agree that sometimes you have to leave the Garmin at home and just enjoy the ride.

  2. Ian says:

    I’ve gone the other way and, having recently bought a new bike, don’t have a bike computer for it yet and really hate not knowing how far I’ve gone or how fast I’m going.

  3. AndrewGills says:

    I have been experiencing the same thing with my GPS while running. I don’t take it with me every run anymore. I like to log my mileage on my blog but now I just use Google Maps after my run if I don’t already know the distance from previous runs.

    I am also not taking it because I think it’s no longer accurately measuring my distances. When I run with friends, all their Garmins pretty much match up while mine is always out by up to 20% (i.e. showing up to 20% less distance). It’s not much point having a GPS if it’s not accurate.

    The Chew Valley looks amazing!

    • bikevcar says:

      Burrington Combe: commuter bike + backpack + tired legs at end of commute + some other lame excuses I can’t think of at the moment = about 15 minutes. But I reckon I could get up there in under 5 minutes in my car with the Garmin on the dashboard just to upset people on strava

  4. AllAboutTheTriple says:

    Yeah, a time and a place for everything. Last year I used the Garmin a lot when I was training. But this year since I have barely been out at all, I don’t use it to track total mileages etc, but rather it’s really good for motivation merely to see that I’m getting out once or twice a week. A lot to be said for just going out and enjoying the good weather though!

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