Keeping the old girl going

After last weekend’s failed attempts to fix my skipping chain I almost managed to convince myself that the remedy to the problem was a new bike. “Why keep pouring good money into a crappy bike?” I thought.

After a short period of time building a hypothetical bike on a certain bicycle website, I realised that this remedy would involved spending a lot of my good money. A very lot. So in the end I decided to just buy a new rear cassette for the commuter bike (and a couple more tools) and have another go at fixing the problem myself.

I had intended to wait until the weekend to replace the chain and cassette, but having broken and then remade the links of old chain in three different places last weekend I was beginning to doubt its reliability on my daily commutes. Plus the skipping was getting pretty bloody annoying, so this evening I decided to carry out the changeover.

These are the things I needed – one rear cassette, one cassette nut and a chain whip to discipline the bike if it misbehaved

It was a surprisingly straightforward job and probably only took about 15 minutes to whip off the old cassette, fit the new one, fit the new chain and make a few small adjustments to the derailleur.

Old cassette having been whipped like a walnut 

New shiny cassette

Back in good working order

Here’s to hopefully another few thousand miles of riding. If I can keep the old girl going through the winter months then I may contemplate an upgrade next year …

One thought on “Keeping the old girl going

  1. AndrewGills says:

    Ooh. I hope you enjoy having the new running gear. There’s nothing better is there. I’m putting in an order for parts and tools tomorrow so I can change the chain and cassette on both my bikes. I’ve never done any bike maintenance despite cycling all my life. Reading blows like yours is inspiring me.

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