Building a budget home gym pt. 3

This week was another clean sweep of cycling to work and no driving. After covering 150 miles of cycle commuting from Monday to Friday, I always need a couple of days off the bike over the weekend to recover. On Saturday we decided to take advantage of the glorious weather and head down to Exmoor National Park for some hiking on the moors.

Exmoor in the sun

The Southwest Coastal Path above Porlock

Sunday was wet and windy and not a day for hiking or cycling. I decided to do some weights in the Man Cave to keep myself busy. A few weeks ago I completed the third and final installation to accompany the dipping bars and chin up bar. This one is known as a Power Rack.

‘Power Rack’ in squat mode

And in Bench Press mode – Clearly I’m not tough enough to use it without a nice comfy pillow

Squatting bar supports made from part of an old steel formwork system

Bench press bar support from a heavy duty floor joist bracket with a small bolt to retain the bar

Power Rack fixed to floor using a fence post shoe

I decided to slap a bit of ‘Incredible Hulk’ green over the dipping bars too

And the chin up bar

The Green Man Cave Gym in full

4 thoughts on “Building a budget home gym pt. 3

  1. Pa says:

    Like the gym but very disappointed with the colour; don’t you have any blue paint? So, can we have a prediction for when the cycle curve crosses the car curve? Maybe a sweepstake?

    • bikevcar says:

      Hmm, as we approach the colder, darker, wetter (well not actually wetter as it’s been a soggy summer) months I think the cycling mileage may drop. On current form it may happen next summer – maybe I need to produce a suitable graph! How about a spread bet?

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