I’ve just returned from a holiday to Copenhagen. It was a great city to visit and everyone we met was friendly and welcoming. It seemed to be a place experienced in dealing with the cold weather with lots of cosy bars and pubs to hide away inside. It is also a city of cyclists. The flat terrain combined with the well-designed cycle system has lead to almost 40% of people commuting by bike. Everywhere I looked I saw someone on a bike.

Bikes everywhere

The cycle paths were separated from the traffic and pedestrians by raised kerbs and were absurdly wide compared to anything I’ve seen before. It looked completely relaxing and civilised to be travelling around by bike. Almost nobody was wearing a helmet either which seemed to indicate that it all worked relatively safely.

Segregated & wide cycle lane

Of all the European cities I’ve visited, Copenhagen felt like it had been the most welcoming and relaxing. It also seemed to illustrate how successfully a city can integrate cycling to the benefit of its people.


7 thoughts on “Copenhagen

  1. Boris says:

    Did you take your bike or were you on a real holiday? Intersting campaign for safer cycling started in yesterday’s Times and picked up by the Gaurniad today. This cycling lark seems to be gathering momentum – maybe I should get the bike out of the shed.

  2. AndrewGills says:

    Looks amazing! It’s funny you should write about Copenhagen today because I just now completed a survey comparing cycling safety in my home city of Brisbane with cycling safety in Copenhagen 🙂

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