This week I started driving to work. The lack of daylight outside of work hours has unfortunately got the better of me. Last winter I lived in the city and kept riding with the help of street lighting. But now that I live and work in more rural areas it has become slow and unpleasant to try and keep going along unlit country lanes. I have a good set of lights and reflective clothing, but my ability to see and be seen has diminished to a level I am not comfortable with.

Two and a half hours of this each day was losing its appeal

This is quite disappointing as I’d hoped to keep going all year. It is now 6 weeks until the shortest day of the year which means a total hibernation period of 12 weeks until I have enough daylight to commute by bike again. Until then I will be getting out on the bike when I can at the weekends and rediscovering the boring tedium of commuting by car. At least this factor will reinvigorate me for another big year of bike v car in 2013.

8 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. AndrewGills says:

    It must be disappointing when the blue and red lines were coming so close together these past few months. But I can totally appreciate the decision. I don’t regularly ride in particularly dark areas but have often been caught out on my motorbike on rainy nights when I am reduced to squinting through the darkness to try to find the cateyes on the sides of the road (or worse, follow tail lights to see where the road goes).

    I look forward to reading about your weekend cycling adventures.

  2. scorpioscott says:

    Better safe than sorry. A little time off the bike might well give you extra motivation to going again in the new year too. Well done.

  3. traumfahrrad says:

    i’m not sure about this. I use a hope vision and then some smaller blinkers along side, with a couple of Smart reds on the back. This is more than enough to illuminate the lanes and to be seen. I understand and respect your decision, it’s one only you can make. I commuted for 3 years from Churchill to Bristol along the lanes and it was probably safer in the dark because the cars could see the lights coming.

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