A perfect afternoon to cycle

This week was a full week of commuting to work by car. It has been difficult breaking the habit of cycling every day and I’ve felt some frustrations in not being able to do the most enjoyable part of my day. On Tuesday night I did my first ever session on a turbo trainer. Ms BikeVCar bought the contraption a few months ago to do some training while recovering from a knee injury. I was sceptical about using it, but it was surprisingly enjoyable working up a sweat in the freezing cold garage. Not wanting to drip sweat over my nice bike I decided to use the commuter bike which seemed a bit odd using a bike with mudguards and rack on an indoor trainer.

This weekend we were back in London for a friend’s birthday. Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, and definitely not a day to be stuck inside a car on the motorway. Fortunately we made it home in time to get outside and enjoy the last few hours of the weekend sunshine. Ms BikeVCar donned her welly boots and set off on a hike; I quickly geared up for a ride on the bike.

A few photos taken by Ms BikeVCar looking across the Chew Valley – at the time this photo was taken I was cycling up and down the Mendips Hills which can be seen in the background. A perfect day for hiking & cycling

I set off on a 40km route taking in both Burrington Coombe and Cheddar Gorge – the two most popular local climbs. Having recently noticed that my climbing times were increasing despite giving it 100%, I decided to try and pace myself on both climbs. This isn’t really my natural instinct but it paid dividends today and I achieved personal bests up both climbs. This is no mean feat on a Sunday afternoon when the foot of Cheddar Gorge is awash with cars full of tourists out to sample its tacky delights.

I’m not sure of my winter cycling plan, other than to keep fit on the turbo, keep sane by getting out on the road at the weekends and keep myself injury free by not trying to commute in total darkness. I had been in a bit of a funk this week but this afternoon’s hard ride has completely cheered me up.

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