Captain Grumpface takes a happy pill

I haven’t been cycling much lately. A lack of daylight during the week and being away the last few weekends has kept my bike off the roads. I’ve used the turbo trainer a couple of times each week, but it doesn’t feel like real cycling and I’m still trying to decide whether these miles should count towards the bike v car challenge.

We were at home this weekend and I’d earmarked it as an opportunity to get out on the bike. So when I woke up on Saturday with sharp back pain I was very frustrated. We went out for a walk and generally took things easy all day, but by the evening the pain hadn’t really subsided. On Sunday, and after a good night’s sleep I was feeling a little better.

The best remedy for my sore back would obviously have been another day’s rest. However, I didn’t feel that the best physical remedy would provide much psychological benefit to an already-grumpy person. So I got on the bike for an easy ride to the local shop to collect some groceries.

At the local shop

At the local shop

I decided to cycle home via a steep hill. Previous thoughts of wanting to get out on the bike because “I enjoy cycling” seemed fairly amusing as I quickly remembered how unenjoyable it actually is to drag a loaded bike up a hill. Fortunately it was too cold to overheat.


Winter has arrived


Cycle staples – carbs, fruit, butter and red wine

In total I covered about 15 miles without any noticeable complaints from my back. On the other hand, my legs and lungs experienced some noticeable discomfort. Psychologically it was the perfect remedy to my grumpyness to much general relief within the BikeVCar household.

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