2012 review

2012 started with a deficit of 10,900km in the Bike v Car challenge. And after a year of dedicated cycling the difference has been reduced to 6,300km. At its closest, the bike was just 4,800km behind the car in October. However winter arrived and forced me to use the car a little more giving it some late recovery.

Week 80

The next graph showing just 2012 makes for better reading. I cycled well over 11,000km / 7,000 miles this year, with the bulk being carried out from mid-February to mid-October.


I’m not sure whether a repeat of 2012 will be possible next year. My work is quite changeable and I could suddenly be required to work an uncyclable distance away. However I would hope that I could find a way of cycling at least some of the distance. For now I’ll try not to worry about that and just carry on enjoying my riding and knowing that it’s always plugging away at that deficit.

Here's to 2013

Here’s to a good 2013

12 thoughts on “2012 review

  1. AndrewGills says:

    The 2012 graph is super impressive.

    My partner and I are hoping to move into the city sometime in the second half of 2013 / early 2014 (depends on how quickly our house sells when we put it on the market in mid-2013; the market here is depressed but properties are starting to move). The move will free me up to use my bicycle more instead of my motorbike. We currently live 15km from the grocery store / suburban centre but when we move we hope to live within 1-2km of the shops and close to my activities (kayaking etc). That will be brilliant for improving my Bike v Motorbike efforts (not that I’m doing the challenge but your doing the challenge makes me think about my ratios).

  2. kevinmayne says:

    Thanks for following http://www.idonotdespair.com

    Great to see your blog and your challenge, just shows people that measuring how many miles you do by car can bring it all in to focus.

    And very impressive cycling miles, I’ll be lucky to have done much more than 3000 a year at the moment, 8,000 was my all time record year.

    • bikevcar says:

      Thanks – if we get hit by snow in the next couple of months I’ll be looking your way for some inspiration to ride through it and keep up the distance this year.

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