Getting cold feet

Whenever the temperature drops below about 5’C or if it’s raining and the roads are flooded (which seems like just about every other day for the last six months) then my feet end up cold and wet and bloody uncomfortable on any rides longer than about 45 minutes. I have overshoes but they never really keep the water out for long and they don’t seem to make much of a difference in keeping my feet warm. I’m beginning to think their only purpose is keeping your shoes clean on muddy roads.

I realise this could be a personal thing and there are probably lots of riders out there who never get cold feet. Personally I can’t wear hats or caps under my helmet when I ride or my head just overheats, even in cold weather. Maybe all the blood goes to my head rather than my feet (which might explain why I do a lot of thinking but I’m crap at dancing)

Anyway, winter commuting combined with the never-ending rains has lead me to buying a pair of waterproof cycling boots. Back when I used to play football I remember somebody turning up to training once in a pair of rugby boots and that we all laughed. Hopefully cycling ‘boots’ will not similarly class me as a mountain biker to the road cycling fraternity! Regardless, they work a treat and have allowed me to cycle to work, an hour each way on wet and flooded roads with dry feet. No more stuffing newspaper into my shoes at work, no more struggling with ineffective overshoes.

Northwave waterproof road shoes

Northwave waterproof road shoes (these shoes contain warm & dry feet)

I opted for the ‘Northwave Fahrenheit (GTX) Gore-tex Winter Road Shoes’. I was almost tempted by some brightly coloured shoes but after 20 minutes cycling in these I realised that anything other than black would have ended up brown or required constant cleaning.

Black shoes don't mind the mud

Black shoes don’t mind the mud so much

I opted for a size up on my normal size. This was really just so I could wear thick socks on cold days. Here’s to happier commuting in 2013 …

7 thoughts on “Getting cold feet

    • bikevcar says:

      That’s good to know.

      The overshoes were neoprene and seemed decent quality. I may just wash them and use one as a sieve in the kitchen from now on. Maybe I wasn’t *testing them properly*!

  1. tuckamoredew says:

    The warmer boots are a great idea. You’ll be riding more comfortably through tougher conditions while daintier road cyclists are stuck inside on trainers. And hey, it should help with your graph.

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