After a brief winter of discontent I am once again commuting by bicycle and enjoying the powers of mental invincibility it delivers. Sometimes work can be enjoyable and rewarding … sometimes. But most of the time it’s a stressful pile of crap where endless problems arrive, slowly chipping away at your energy levels. Without cycling I found myself worrying far too much about work.

But once again I am riding two hours a day and nobody can take that pleasure away from me. I feel mostly untouchable at work knowing I’ve had a challenging but enjoyable hour to myself in the morning and have another hour on the road going home again. There’s also something quite satisfying about knowing that generally no individual problems at work are as difficult to overcome as that vicious, steep hill on every ride home!

Your shit cannot harm me, I'm gonna be back on my bike soon

Your problems cannot harm me, I’m gonna be back on my creaky, steel frame bike struggling up a hill very soon

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