Cycling at every opportunity

My work situation is changing. Rather than running one project at a cyclable distance from home I am now responsible for several sites in the area which will almost certainly result in increased commuting by car. Good news for me, but bad news for Bike v Car. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll maintain regular cycling in the week, but I’m considering stashing a bike in the boot of the car and riding after work (wherever that may be) or even squeezing an hour of cycling into the middle of my day between site visits. Bike v Car may instead become a blog of clandestine cycling opportunism (be prepared for tales of Lycra worn beneath shirt & tie for Superman-style, quick personality shifts)

Copious amounts of rain and mud are back on the menu

 Not sure how these shoes will look with a suit

In anticipation of this change, I took the opportunity this week to cycle to my current place of work four days in a row. Last year I was regularly covering this commute 5 days in a row, often followed up by a long ride at the weekend. However, fitness is fleeting and after just a few months of decreased Winter activity I was feeling a very tired man on days 3 and 4. Added to the miles was the rain, but I found strange satisfaction in slogging up hills in grim conditions. The route back to physical peak must surely require a bit of mental hardship too?

After four exhausting days, covering 135 miles and riding for over 8 hours I decided to give myself Saturday off as full rest. I went to watch my younger brother play football only to be roped into running the line.

"Oi, linesman. Watch the game!"

“Oi, linesman. Watch the game!”

This was no walk-in-the-park and I found myself sprinting up and down the touchline watching the game like a hawk. This was followed up by lunch in the local pub and then crashing on the sofa for a two hour afternoon nap. Like cycling, napping should also be taken at any available opportunity!

12 thoughts on “Cycling at every opportunity

  1. Jean says:

    You’re cycling boot-shoes show the crap of physical work-out! 😉 I don’t know what you’re job entails…is it cycling a total of 40 miles per day or something like that to visit work sites?

    Having a bit warmer weather would help. I used to cycle-work commute round trip of 30 km. daily for 14 years when I lived in Toronto. From the suburbs into downtown and back to home.

    At least build in mileage when doing all your other errands.

    Now you know what it means for someone like myself who has been car-free last 30 yrs. Of course on icy, snowy days I take transit. 🙂

    • bikevcar says:

      Car-free for 30 years is impressive. We live in the countryside so public transport is fairly non-existent. I cycle as much as I can but still need the car quite a lot. Hence the bike v car challenge …

  2. kevinmayne says:

    Done it all

    Biked to meetings with suit in the panniers, showered in sports centres, washed down in office toilets ….

    It works.

    Preference is the 11am meeting. Time for ride, shower, coffee and work.

    And offices in middle class towns – they always have the healthiest grub in the cafe at the sports centre.

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