Probably the worst puncture in the world

It’s hard to believe it’s mid-March. Every previous attempt by Spring to break from Winter has failed and the overnight temperatures keep dropping to sub-zero. Despite the frigid temperatures the days are getting longer which is encouraging me to ignore the cold and get back to increasing my weekly cycling mileage. This morning it was -4’C when I set off for work, which made flying downhill extremely painful on the face. Going uphill was an opportunity to warm up slightly, but not too much when I realised my water bottle had frozen solid.

No wonder my face felt like it was on fire

Dead weight

Prior to riding back home from work I did a little grocery shopping. I also bought a couple of beers, or four. Normally I’m partial to a nice bottle of ale, but wanting to save weight in the pannier bags, this time I opted for cans. The ride home was hilly and bumpy. Dragging the extra kilos of beer seemed worthwhile, but I was a little concerned about the possibility of beer explosions from all the shaking. What I wasn’t expecting was a puncture to a can resulting in a flooded pannier. When I unloaded the contents at home I did momentarily contemplate pouring the spilled contents into a glass.

Disaster. Punctured beer

Disaster – Punctured beer

There was still at least half a can of fizzed up beer

There was still at least half a can of fizzed up beer

I’ve had some bad punctures in my time but this definitely ranks as the worst of the lot! Next time I’ll buy bottles and just struggle with the extra weight. There’s nothing worse than wasted beer.

6 thoughts on “Probably the worst puncture in the world

  1. bgddyjim says:

    That’s alcohol abuse brother. We’ll forgive you this once – just make sure it doesn’t happen again, lest we have to haul out the shackles and wet noodles.

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