The first day of shorts

After coming off my bike midweek I took a couple of days rest before getting back on it today. We are up in the Cotswolds for the Easter weekend and the weather is still bitingly cold. Our time is mostly spent in front of the log fire and going out for short country walks, but one of us is also going out cycling in shorts. My healing knee has been going a bit gooey when covered up, so despite the temperatures hovering around freezing, keeping it uncovered in shorts seemed like the most sensible course of action.

Snow in every direction

Snow in every direction

It was a bit sharp on the legs for the first few miles, but once I’d warmed up they felt fine. My fingers, toes and ears all seem to suffer when cycling in the cold and need to be well wrapped, but my legs (including the fresh bald patch around the knee) seemed fine today.


A lesser-spotted Bald-Knee ( a rare winter sighting )

I rode for two hours at an average speed of 18mph. I had a slight headwind on the way out which gave an opportunity for a faster return home. To avoid any potential ice I stuck to the busy main roads which meant dealing with traffic but also enjoying smoother, straighter roads than the back lanes. It’s difficult to say whether it was the tail-wind, the smooth roads or the aerodynamic bald knee which contributed most to the enhanced speed of today’s ride.

Definitely shorts weather

Definitely shorts weather

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