Time Trial Three – the double-whammy

This evening was my third attempt at time-trial racing. Following the last two races I’d suffered  quite painful muscle soreness in the neck for a few days afterwards, so my main aim tonight was to try and ride with a more relaxed upper body and not try to rip the TT bars off the handlebar. And also to obviously try and ride a little faster than last week.

Setting up the bike from the boot of the car

Setting up the bike from the boot of the car

There was a strong tailwind for the outward leg of the circuit which allowed me to stick it in the biggest gear and churn out a fast pace. Hearing the sound of the tyres buzzing over the tarmac was really exhilarating and I found myself relaxing and enjoying it.

However, the return leg was soul destroying as I fought the strong wind. I had left the bar-mount of my Garmin at home so didn’t actually know my speed, which may have fortunately allowed me to just concentrate on finding some momentum and form. At times it felt like I was crawling at a snail’s pace and I was constantly waiting to be overtaken … but it never happened. Obviously everyone else was suffering as badly.

Lap 2 was more of the same, except the return leg seemed twice as tough. I told myself that the wind must have picked up, but knew deep down it was just my fatigue. In the end I completed the first lap 25 seconds quicker than last week’s time, and the second lap 5 seconds slower, at an overall average speed of 22.6mph. This was a touch faster than last week, and for twice the distance so I’m pleased with the further improvements. Tomorrow I will be back on the commuter bike for a slow, relaxing ride to work.

5 thoughts on “Time Trial Three – the double-whammy

  1. grrgoyl says:

    “Soul destroying” is the most apt descriptor I’ve ever heard. I think a strong headwind is more demoralizing than cold weather. Still, kudos for the small improvement!

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