Unforced rest

With the prolonged Winter seemingly over I have been properly getting back into the rhythm of regular cycling. Between commuting to work, riding a sportive with friends over the weekend, racing an evening time-trial, and going for a few easy rides I realised that I’d cycled 8 consecutive days, covering 220 miles. Although today was a good day for cycling to work, I woke up feeling completely jaded and so decided to leave the bike at home and drive. However, I almost changed my mind twice during breakfast and just about managed to force myself to rest.

After driving home after work I felt full of energy, so embarked on a frivolous mission to cut the excess tube off the top of my front fork. For some time I have been cycling with the stem and bars in this position so felt safe to do this.


Cutting through carbon fibre was scarily easy – like a hot knife through butter

Tomorrow I ride – let’s hope the rest has done me good. And my cack-handed re-engineering has worked ok …

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