Curry in a hurry

After a stressful Friday at work I arrived home and crashed on the sofa with a soothing beer which became three. As the day’s stresses ebbed away they were quickly replaced by hunger pangs. But with no food in the house, me probably over the limit to drive and Ms BikeVCar up to her elbows in cake mixture I wasn’t sure how to fill my grumbling belly.

It was only while putting out the rubbish that I saw my bike and remembered that it is actually possible to cycle a bicycle without head-to-toe lycra and just use it as a convenient form of transport. With the local curry house only 4 miles away, I chucked on a helmet and set off to collect some takeaway dinner.

The sunset curry run

The sunset curry run

"Oh my god he's cycling a road bike in normal socks and shorts!"

just cycling in normal clothes

I got to the curry house, placed my order and then headed to the pub for a quick pint. Despite carrying a pannier bag and wearing cycling shoes I don’t think I aroused too much suspicion from the locals. I hopped on a bar stool and enjoyed my beer.

Black cycling shoes are good for incognito pub crawls

Black cycling shoes are good for incognito pub visits

My choice of newspaper article may have given me away

My choice of newspaper article may however have given me away

After a nice pint I clip-clopped my way back out of the bar and picked up my curry. The waiter had generously added a free saucy dish which he advised to keep upright on my journey home. Unsure whether I’d been rumbled and this was some kind of joke I just thanked him politely and headed on.

Blurry, bumpy ride home

Blurry, bumpy ride home

The ride home was a breeze and despite crashing through a few potholes there was no significant ‘paneer’ spillage within the panniers.

Curry delivery

Curry delivery

Dinner is served

Dinner is served

Cup cakes for pudding

Cup cakes for pudding

It’s easy to forget the versatility of the bike and the simplicity of being able to just hop on without all the lycra clothing and accessories. And when the weather is so pleasant it’s also nice to be able to head out for a short ride along the local lanes.

13 thoughts on “Curry in a hurry

  1. cyclingwithheels says:

    Exactly. Head-to-toe Lycra is not essential for riding a bike. My bike is, first and foremost, a means of getting from A to B, and a wonderfully practical one at that. I wouldn’t recommend cycling after too many drinks, though – kerbs have an annoying tendency to start jumping out in front of me when I do that.

  2. Sandra says:

    How I look forward to wearing shorts and cycling (and not freezing). My bike MJ is bored (my transport/commuting bike). Thanks for sharing. . . and congrats for not crashing while taking photos!

  3. hilarydavies says:

    After a weekend in Copenhagen, this seems normal … MANY persons daring to cycle without lycra … ! You may need some hand knitted garments though and a few more Carlsberg …

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